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Mike Peterson

Years Skating: lots
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Live now: Jacksonville, FL
Regular or Goofy? Regs 
Board size: 8.5
Wheel size: 54 
Sponsors: Consolidated, DC,  Ace, The Block Skate Supply.
Favorite stuff to skate: Everything 
Favorite city/state: New York
Favorite country you have been to: Austraila
Music: Everything
Food: Burger and fries.
Authors: Don't read too much.
Favorite local skaters: Buck Smith
Aside from skating: Golfing, riding motorcycles.
Favorite video parts: Any of my friends' parts.
Best things about skateboarding: Getting to do what I love as my 'job' if you want to call it that.
Worst: Being away from my family.
Vices: Watch out for the banana in the tail pipe. 

Watch Mike's Video part from Goin' Bananas 

131 Center Street #3 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States 831-457-8206

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